Sales Intelligence

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What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence encompasses the insights, processes, and technologies that help sellers better understand the challenges and opportunities facing their prospects and existing customers.  Cold calls become hot leads when a seller knows who they are targeting, what keeps them awake at night, and the market forces impacting their growth. Likewise, account managers are able to get in the door before the competition by staying up-to-date on developments affecting their prospects and customers. D&B Hoovers provides unmatched visibility into more than 120 million business records, allowing sales professionals to close deals faster and upsell existing clients by bringing relevant insights to the table.

Take the Guesswork out of B2B Prospecting

Building a strong sales pipeline has never been easier. Our industry-leading commercial database and powerful sales intelligence empowers sellers to engage B2B prospects with timely observations and compelling proposals. Sellers can quickly identify qualified sales leads, set up real-time trigger alerts for news updates, access financial data, research competitors, and more.

Manage Sales Prospects
Continuous business and industry updates enable your sales teams to monitor prospects and reach out when the time is right.
Uncover Sales Insights
Leverage valuable sales prospecting capabilities to build highly-targeted campaign lists and feed your sales funnels with quality leads.
Close More Sales
D&B Hoovers arms sales professionals with the information they need to tailor each pitch to a single prospect, increasing the likelihood that conversations will lead to conversions.

Empower Your Sales Teams with Deep Account Intelligence

D&B Hoovers draws on the most authoritative data sources, including government records, SEC filings, Dun & Bradstreet business credit reports, trusted publications, industry research, proprietary analytics, and the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S? Number. Our user-friendly interface allows sellers to quickly access the sales intelligence they need. 

Each user can customize their D&B Hoovers desktop with the features they use most often, including:

Contacts: Profiles of target prospects and customers

Companies: In-depth profiles on individual businesses

Trigger Alerts: Instant notifications about the contacts, companies, and industries that matter to you – delivered straight to your desktop or inbox

SmartLists?: Dynamically updated lists that pull in new companies or prospects that match your pre-defined criteria

Saved Searches: Previous company, industry, and contact queries


D&B Hoovers works across multiple devices so you can access sales intelligence from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet for insights when and where you need them. You can even download data and reports directly to your device.

Engage B2B Prospects When They’re Ready to BuyTiming is everything, and sales teams rely on D&B Hoovers to let them know when a prospect is ready to talk. Mergers and acquisitions, executive departures, and other developments may signal that it’s time for a seller to make contact. With constant updates to your D&B Hoovers desktop, you’ll be among the first to know when opportunity is knocking.Start a Free Trial

Supercharge Your CRM 

D&B Hoovers seamlessly integrates with popular customer relationship management tools (CRM), delivering sales intelligence to the systems your teams use every day. D&B Hoovers connects to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Contact lists can be exported to Marketo or Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) with ease.

Concerned about the quality of your existing company records and leads lists? D&B Hoovers provides quality data to ensure you have the right information when you need it most.



Accelerate Growth for Your BusinessD&B Hoovers delivers the sales intelligence that makes your pitch stand apart from the crowd. Demonstrate your expertise and authority by bringing insightful observations and plans to the first call, all while working more efficiently. Putting the resources of D&B Hoovers to work for your sales teams can change the way you attract prospects and close deals, resulting in increased business and lowered client churn.Get a Free Demo